Restroom Service Procedures Portable Santa Barbara

Restroom Service Procedures

Restroom Service Procedures

Following is MarBorg Industries' portable restroom service procedure:

  1. Pump the interior waste water holding tank
  2. Scrub the interior with disinfectant
  3. Spider webs and graffiti are also removed 
  4. The restrooms' interior is hand dried 
  5. The paper supplies (seat covers and toilet paper) are restocked 
  6. The holding tank is recharged with 7 gallons of liquid deodorizer 
  7. The sinks are filled with fresh water 
  8. The paper towel dispensers are filled 
  9. The liquid hand soap is restocked 
  10. There is a date sticker on the outside sink

When a restroom is damaged and the repair cannot be made at the time of service, a repair order is phoned into the office.

Repairs are made within 24 hours of notification

MarBorg Industries is on-call 24 hours a day, seven days a week for emergency servicing.

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