Santa Barbara County's ReSource Center

ReSource Center at the Tajiguas Landfill

Santa Barbara County's ReSource Center

The Tajiguas ReSource Recovery Center

Please visit the website for more details on Santa Barbara County's new ReSource Center. The County is now scheduling tours of the ReSource Center! Click here to learn more and to schedule a tour today.

North of Santa Barbara along the Gaviota Coast, Santa Barbara County's Public Works Department has built a brand-new waste management facility known as the ReSource Center at the Tajiguas Landfill. Currently, 60% of what is buried at Tajiguas landfill could be repurposed. This material is comprised or organics like food, wood, and green waste, as well as recyclable materials that did not make it into the recycling container. The ReSource Center will allow us to capture this previously wasted material and convert it into recyclable materials, landscape nutrients, and renewable energy.

The ReSource Center will help communities on the South Coast and Santa Ynez Valley achieve several statewide environmental policies around diverting waste from landfills, increasing recycling rates, reducing GHG emissions, and reducing organic waste disposal. Check out the graphic below to learn more. In addition, the ReSource Center will create approximately 100 permanent living wage jobs. The ReSource Center's Material Recovery Facility (MRF) will be operated by MarBorg. To learn more about career openings at the MRF, click here.

200,000 tons of waste is buried at Tajiguas Landfill annually, and it is expected to hit its capacity in about 6 years. The addition of the ReSource Center will extend the life expectancy of Tajiguas by another decade and provide Santa Barbara with flexibility to meet future market and environmental conditions.

Check out the video below to see how the brand new sorting equipment will work at the ReSource Center.

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